a good start not only for my knitty side

Monday, January 22, 2007

January is almost over. I think 2007 started quite good for me: I was busy in a prolific way. How and why? For New Year’s Eve holiday my sister came over from Romania. Her visit was like a cold shower. I was feeling quite “lost” here, in Istanbul. I still feel myself as foreigner; even I got the Turkish citizenship instantly after marriage and my Turkish language improved a lot. Well, her visit woke me up; she gave me strength and made me think positively. We all need a cold shower from time to time. 2007 is a year for changes. I dramatically redecorated my home: all by myself, without any help. I painted the walls by myself, changed the furniture in a Feng-Shui manner. I am changing the water for my 2 small turtles more frequently, I am taking decisions faster. Big or small changes, they all are positive. I feel myself more confident. I really feel good.

Now my living room walls are vanilla color. Before they were lila and all the decorative items were matching lila. Now I have to change (changes again) them all. I wanna knit some decorative cushion covers. I did some researches, read a lot, and my colors harmony skills improved a lot. This will help me for my knitting. I have so many plans, suddenly my agenda got so busy. I really do feel so good.

She is my sister, thank you Giselle, your visit was a real blessing.