She made me knit again!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Of course I enjoyed myself at maximum in Constanta. It was great to see my parents again after so long. But, the best thing during this trip was to find again my best friend from childhood – Florina. We accidentally came across in a bookshop. After 7 years we can keep in touch again. It is wonderful and I am so happy. On 24th June it’s her birthday and I am planning to mail her a hand knitted purse as a present. My first thought was to use some black color yarn to match almost all of her clothing. Yesterday I visited 2 LYS but couldn’t find something really eye-catcher. I still came back home with a pair of bamboo bag handles and 2 balls of 100% cotton green! yarn. Those shades of green appealed mostly to my eyes. But green is not black! Finally, I decided on some fancy ribbon yarn from my stash. It’s not black. So it wont be a casual purse but a fancy one. I know, I am too undecided; Last evening I had already started this project and now I don’t have any more reasons to think and re-think on this matter. I can’t post pictures of the yarn, I am afraid Florina might read this post and her birthday present won’t be a surprise anymore. But who knows what my itchy hands will do?

I'm back!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm back in Istanbul. Istanbul is very hot. I am still trying to accomodate myself to this temperature. I haven't started any knitting project, this hot weather really discourages me. Tomorrow I will re-arrange my yarns on shelves in cabinet. Let's see if my inspiration will come.