Split Neckline Cap Sleeve Tee by Stefanie Japel from Fitted Knits book (part 2)

Friday, July 04, 2008

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And I have another FO (finished object): Split-Neckline Cap Sleeve Tee by Stefanie Japel from Fitted Knits book.

I cast on for S size even my gauge was finer: 20 sts/4 ". I made some modifications:

1) I made it shorter.
2) I added waist shaping which is inspired from Picovoli by Grumperina:

Set-up round: k17, pm, k46, pm, k17, pm (side seam marker), k17, pm, k46, pm, k17.
Important note: While decreasing/increasing, 34 sts remain untouched at each side, and increases and decreases are worked over the front/back sections.
Decrease round: K to first marker, *sm, ssk, knit to 2 sts before next marker, k2tog, sm*, k to next marker, repeat between *s, k to end of round;

Repeat decrease round every 3rd round 6 more times.

Knit even for 2 inches (5 cm)

Increase round: k to first marker, *sm, m1(right), knit to next marker, m1 (left), sm* knit to next marker, repeat between *s, knit to end of round.

Repeat increase round every 3rd round 5 more times.

For this project I used 250 gr of Linate CotoLin Gold from Okiteks yarns (the main color) and less than one skein of brown Knitaly from Colorado Yarns (for contrasting color)