My Janome sewing machine or my journey in Janome land (Ankara'da Janome dikiş makinası yetkili bayi ve servis)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

janome sewing machine, janome 423s, janome dikiş makinası
I recently bought a sewing machine,  actually it is my second sewing machine. My first one was a Singer Mars II, it was OK for my simple sewing projects, mostly table runners, pillow covers and sometimes a skirt. I wanted a stronger machine for more challenging projects: bags. Making bags means sewing through many thick layers of fabric, lining, interfacing, leather, straps, zippers, cords etc. I usually do a lot of online researching before buying a gadget for myself, and I read a lot of reviews and comments on forums over internet, I watched videos on YouTube, and  finally I decided on a Janome, model 423s. I found a Janome dealer's address in Ankara. Most of sewing machine sellers and dealers are in an old district of Ankara called Ulus. It was quite late when I bought the machine and frankly speaking the guy from shop wasn't very helpful, I guess he was already thinking the dinner... but I was too excited to get this machine as soon as possible.

janome sewing machine, janome 423s, janome dikiş makinası I am not a very experienced sewer,  but I also can't say I haven't previously used a sewing machine... Sadly I got stuck with sewing many thick layers of fabrics: I got many ugly loops on the under side of the fabric. And so my Sisif work began:  I changed the tension, re-threaded the bobbin, re threaded the needle, changed the needle, tried to use the zipper foot, tried to support the foot with a ruler, tried to sew on the lining too but every time I got those many ugly loops on the under side of the fabric. The foot couldn't be lowered too much as the thickness of the layers wouldn't permit this. I asked questions on sewing forums over internet, and nice people really tried to help me with their advices but it didn' help much. The best advice was to take my sewing projects and go to a Janome dealer/service and show them the project and ask for their help.I didn't go to the Janome dealer from where I bought my machine, I was lucky to  found another Janome dealer. They listened to me and my pain. This 3 guys make the difference. The lady from left patiently showed me how to adjust the thread from bobbin by using a small screw driver. God knows I had tried so many ways but it didn't cross my mind that the bobbin thread's tension could be adjusted too. The guy was so patient too, he even taught me how to do free embroidery.

Three times I came over to their shop and today I asked their permission to write about them and to take their pictures. Sometimes, being a foreigner isn' very easy, different cultures, communication issues, but nice people can make a big difference.

janome sewing machine, janome 423s, janome dikiş makinası
This young lady sat down beside me for hours and showed me how to adjust my machine. She was nice enough tolet me have her personal cell no so I could call her whenever I would need help with my sewing projects.
Thank you Yeşim! I have a feeling that I will call you pretty soon :)

Did İ mention that İ saw and touched the sewing machine of my all dreams: a Horizon? İt is really a piece of jewelry and İ hope when İ will grow up İ will get one. The AccuFeed system is amazing. Feeds your top layer of fabric in perfect sync with the bottom on everything from thick quilt sandwiches to fine heirloom fabrics.
Barış bey showing Janome Memory Craft 7700 QCP Horizon
Janome dealer in Ankara (Janome dikiş makinası yetkili bayi ve servis): Gülbay Makina,
Address: Hükümet Cad. No: 5/20, Ulus, Ankara.
Tel: 0312-311 34 14