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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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This is what I sent to my knitting swap pal. I recently joined the Holiday 2007 Swap on ravelry. I do hope my swap pal will enjoy this authentic small piece of Turkey. I didn't include in the picture the green (her favorite color) shades skein of very soft yarn. You can see 2 bags of Turkish coffee, a hand made brass ibrik (coffee pot), 2 tiny cups for coffee made from the finest Turkish porcelain in Kutahya. I also included a scarf pattern for that green yarn.

Cleaves by Katherine Summer O'Neal


Ta-daaa! Another FO (finished object). I just love it. It is indeed different and it happened that a lady in a shop even wanted to touch it to understand how it is constructed...

I am very pleased how it turned out. I used only 2 skeins of Feza Jasmine, a very soft yarn which gave to this project the drape I wanted it. I used double pointed needle for the very first time in and I had hated it so much... But, I guess it was worth it, "no pain, no gain"...