birthday week

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This week it is my birthday. Last year İ celebrated it with my relatives: İ made so many sweets and pastries, and it was great to have all of them beside me on that day. This year it will be different. So different. Cause everything is changed. İ was just  thinking of that, wow, during one year how many things changed. Things, situations, ciircumstances. İf İ draw the line, if İ could only draw the line...and make the total....but now İ feel to tired. This week İ can be tired cause it is my birthday week.

Back to knitting. İ have started a new project: a realtive asked me for a neck warmer. İn Constanta-Romania winters are pretty harsh, the weather has no mercy so İ decided for a 100% wool yarn that would keep my relatative warm. Soon İ will post pictures with this new project: a scarf with a very easy to memorize textured pattern. İ choose a dark red, a kind of raspberry red, for a dark taned person. Pics to be posted soon :)