a good start not only for my knitty side

Monday, January 22, 2007

January is almost over. I think 2007 started quite good for me: I was busy in a prolific way. How and why? For New Year’s Eve holiday my sister came over from Romania. Her visit was like a cold shower. I was feeling quite “lost” here, in Istanbul. I still feel myself as foreigner; even I got the Turkish citizenship instantly after marriage and my Turkish language improved a lot. Well, her visit woke me up; she gave me strength and made me think positively. We all need a cold shower from time to time. 2007 is a year for changes. I dramatically redecorated my home: all by myself, without any help. I painted the walls by myself, changed the furniture in a Feng-Shui manner. I am changing the water for my 2 small turtles more frequently, I am taking decisions faster. Big or small changes, they all are positive. I feel myself more confident. I really feel good.

Now my living room walls are vanilla color. Before they were lila and all the decorative items were matching lila. Now I have to change (changes again) them all. I wanna knit some decorative cushion covers. I did some researches, read a lot, and my colors harmony skills improved a lot. This will help me for my knitting. I have so many plans, suddenly my agenda got so busy. I really do feel so good.

She is my sister, thank you Giselle, your visit was a real blessing.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

If you watched the movie "Cars", definitely you know what "ka-chow" means. I felt this title would be suitable as title for my post. My New Year's holiday was unexpectedly so knitty. My sister came over from Romania with her two kids: a girl and a boy. She had used to knit during high school but gave up later in university. Now she is 35 and hasn't "touched" a knitting needle since 15 years. She saw my stash of yarns, my needles collection andd suddenly she felt her fingers itchy, very itchy indeed. Same time my cute niece needed a purple wrap and cap for her new jacket. The perfect match. Well, that's how things continued:

Then, my 7 years old niece got infected by the knitting virus... such a young victim... She was constantly demanding yarn, knitting needle and a knitting "instructor". It was such an "experience" for her, at the end she got so tired and decided to wait till her physical condition will improve ... maybe after 5 years.

stitches for your poncho and not only

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I like this pattern stitch a lot. It's easy to knit it, it only requires a bit more attention. It will be great for my wrap: there is a small grocery shop near my home from where I buy my daily bread. Usually I am so lazy and go only with slippers. Now it's cold outside, I need a wrap for my shopping at a run.

I am so late

First of all: Happy New Year to everybody! I know I am so late, but better later than never. I guess most of you are already thinking and making plans for Valentine's Day. Well, there's plenty of time to start a Valentine's Day knitting project. Something red, with very red yarns... that's my imagination, I guess red will be suitable for a Valentine's Day gift: something for him OR something on you for him... now it depends on you and your guts.

I am afraid I won't be able to knit something for Valentine's Day. I still have many unfinished knitting projects. I've also decided to paint the living room: my husband hates the actual color: Lila. It really doesn't match his fanatic passion for soccer. If I would ask his opinion, I will have only navy blue and yellow stripes on my walls, because these are the colors of Fenerbahce club. Well, these colors don't match my passion for knitting. The final compromise: a champagne tone. I am very confident that I can finish this project by myself only, even I haven't painted any wall till today/this year. I will ask advice from the paint shop and.... say a little pray before I will begin it.