Wednesday, January 10, 2007

If you watched the movie "Cars", definitely you know what "ka-chow" means. I felt this title would be suitable as title for my post. My New Year's holiday was unexpectedly so knitty. My sister came over from Romania with her two kids: a girl and a boy. She had used to knit during high school but gave up later in university. Now she is 35 and hasn't "touched" a knitting needle since 15 years. She saw my stash of yarns, my needles collection andd suddenly she felt her fingers itchy, very itchy indeed. Same time my cute niece needed a purple wrap and cap for her new jacket. The perfect match. Well, that's how things continued:

Then, my 7 years old niece got infected by the knitting virus... such a young victim... She was constantly demanding yarn, knitting needle and a knitting "instructor". It was such an "experience" for her, at the end she got so tired and decided to wait till her physical condition will improve ... maybe after 5 years.