I am so late

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

First of all: Happy New Year to everybody! I know I am so late, but better later than never. I guess most of you are already thinking and making plans for Valentine's Day. Well, there's plenty of time to start a Valentine's Day knitting project. Something red, with very red yarns... that's my imagination, I guess red will be suitable for a Valentine's Day gift: something for him OR something on you for him... now it depends on you and your guts.

I am afraid I won't be able to knit something for Valentine's Day. I still have many unfinished knitting projects. I've also decided to paint the living room: my husband hates the actual color: Lila. It really doesn't match his fanatic passion for soccer. If I would ask his opinion, I will have only navy blue and yellow stripes on my walls, because these are the colors of Fenerbahce club. Well, these colors don't match my passion for knitting. The final compromise: a champagne tone. I am very confident that I can finish this project by myself only, even I haven't painted any wall till today/this year. I will ask advice from the paint shop and.... say a little pray before I will begin it.