Finally I’ve done it! My first entrelac knitted piece.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Last year I saw in VogueKnitting mangazine fall 2006 (page 42) an article about entrelac workshop. It was first time when I saw entrelac. It was love at first sight…. and only this because the article was so loooooong (5 pages) and I have no patience at all. That day I decided that entrelac was nice but it seemed too difficult and troublesome for me to try it. Later on, while surfing the net I found some blogs with detailed information about entrelac technique. Unfortunately the instructions have errors (my personal opinion) but I combined the information from VogueKnitting magazine and from blogs. Finally, I managed to finish my first entrelac knitted work. Tadaa!


Craftybernie said...

That looks GREAT! I've never tried Entrelac in one colour.