Home made Turkish pizza with mushrooms and ceddar cheese. Kaşarlı mantarlı Pide

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

mantarlı kaşarlı pide, mantarli kasarli pide, Turkish pizza with mushrooms and cedar cheese
İt has been snowing since yesterday. İ am stuck at home. The wind makes almost impossible going out. Whenever İ look through the window İ feel so cold: there is so much snow everywhere. The roads are covered with snow and İ barely see people walking outside. İ thought that the smell of something baked in the oven would change this cold air at home. İ found a recipe on internet for a home made traditional Turkish pizza with mushrooms and cedar cheese (mantarlı kaşarlı pide). İ am pretty brave when it comes to try new recipe especially from internet and without even any single comment or review. But this project was a real success and İ like so much the smell of pizza while it is baking in the oven.  My parents enjoyed an unusual lunch. İt was for the first time when they had Turkish pizza. İ also prepared ayran (yoghurt mixed with water, another traditional Turkish drink. Actually the mixture of yoghurt and water is beaten well until it gets foamy).

Now İ should return to my knitting project: a sweater for my friend in Ankara. Somehow it is my first big project, until now İ just worked on small projects like vests, tops, tunics or tanks, scarves and hats, and many bags İ can say. İ will post soon pictures with my work in progress.