I can't believe I'm crocheting

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

crochet grannie square, crocheted bag, crocheted purse, first time crocheting, learn how to crochet, bulky yarnThanks to youtube I learned today how to crochet a square from a circle. It's a kind of granny square. I had these odd balls which are bulky weight and was thinking what I could do with them. I think I might make a bag from couple of granny squares. I'm pretty excited and I find crocheting more portable than knitting.


Jena said...

Looking forward to pictures! I agree, Youtube is a treasure. I find that if I'm having trouble with a book explanation, I go to Youtube and see if I can watch someone do it. So much easier!

Which Youtube video did you use? I've only crocheted a day or two in my life, a very long time ago.

Jillian Rueter said...

I still want to learn to make a perfect circle with crocheting. I can crochet straight across, but always feel that my circles are ugly, so I rip them out.

I can't wait to see the pictures.

pamel said...

I've been an avid knitter for 30 yrs and just am wanting to learn crochet. It certainly looks harder than knitting. But, I have made my resolution to do so and have ordered some crochet books for beginners and am waiting for them to arrive. I am glad to see your lovely crochet granny squares. They look beautiful and remind me of my mother and grandmother who enjoyed crocheting more than knitting. You have a fantastic blog here also, I enjoy it very much.

MinnaAlina said...

link please?