Cleo inspired tank

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Today I finished another project: a Cleo inspired tank. I used for this project handspun yarn received from my ravelry swap pal, cjkopec (Coby). I really like this pattern, I think I will knit another one but with thinner yarn, so I can wear it during Summer. This handspun yarn is bulky, I will wear the top on something else this winter.

IMG_0915 IMG_0918

It's first time when I'm using handspun yarn. Frankly speaking, I didnt trust handspun yarn till now, I was convinced that nothing can beat the factory-made quality. I was wrong, so wrong. This handspun yarn is so gorgeous, a very soft blend of natural fibers: merino, tencel, mohair and Romney wool. If you've never tried handspun yarns and don't wanna go wrong for the first time, I strongly recommend Cjkopec Creations. Coby is an amazing lady, very kind and very customer-oriented.


Sharon said...

Very cool top! Congratulations!

Lanedesigns said...
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Lanedesigns said...

Thank you so much, I can't wait to get it!!

Very pretty tank top!!!
Have a great day,

Camille said...

Nice and daring. I like.

CJ Kopec Creations said...

Oh my goodness! That is gorgeous! I am soooo glad you liked the yarn and thanks for the promo. :O) It is always so wonderful to see a finished project from one of my yarns or rovings. It's like watching one of your children grow up. And this one just passed the bar!!!