It lifts my spirit

Friday, June 29, 2007

There’s one blog that I like to visit almost every day. It is not related to knitting, it is about something I like to knit: bags. Why I love these bags? Because they are so pretty, and well finished and Debra ( she’s the “guilty” one for crafting such a gorgeous bags) is so creative in choosing and matching the colors. Her colors combination influences my mood, it makes me smile and feel happier. Debra is a gifted photographer too and her bags, wallets and pouches are very well pictured (good background and positioning of items). My favorite bags are:


Lanedesigns said...

Oh Thank You so much for those sweet words. You are such a nice person. You have made my day!!
Take care,

Lanedesigns said...

You asked what I used as a background: I use this thin white board...kinda like a dry erase board. My husband picked it up at a hardware/home improvement store. It came in a big sheet that he cut down to a size that worked for me. And I try to take my pictures outside...if not raining, in the sun light. I had to and still have to play around with them everytime to get them right or how I like them.
Home this helps.