1st March - Celebration of Spring in Romania

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Romanians have a beautiful ancient tradition on the first day of March : Martisor (The Amulet). Mărţişor is the celebration of the beginning of Spring in Romania and Moldova. Mărţişor consists in small jewel or a small decoration like a flower, an animal, etc., tied up with red and white string. Women wear it pinned to their blouses on this day and up to two weeks after. It is strongly believed that the one who wears the red and white string will be lucky and healthy for the rest of the year. Exchanging them is a gesture of love, friendship, respect and appreciation. Today people wish each other health and happiness.
Today is the first day of 7 days of continuous celebration dedicated to Spring and women. Women are gathering together without men (now it is men's turn to stay home and take care of the kids and household generally) and are having fun in parties.